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Historically, the bands were identified as δ (1–4 Hz), θ (4–7 Hz), α/μ (8–13 Hz), β (beta, 15–30 Hz), γ (gamma, 30–80 Hz) and high γ (80–150 Hz) waves1,2.0.5 Hz., 1.0 Hz., 1.5 Hz., 2.0 Hz., 2.5 Hz., 3.0 Hz., 3.5 Hz., 4.0 Hz., 4.11 Hz., 4.5 Hz., 4.6 Hz., 4.9 Hz., 5.0 Hz., 5.14 Hz., 5.35 Hz., 5.5 Hz., 5.8 Hz., 6.0 Hz., 6.15 Hz., 6.30 Hz., 6.5 Hz., 6.8 Hz., 7.0 Hz., 7.5 Hz., 7.69 Hz., 7.8 Hz., 7.83 Hz., 8.0 Hz., 8.22 Hz., 8.3 Hz., 9.0 Hz., 9.19 Hz., 9.4 Hz., 9.41 Hz., 9.6 Hz., 10 Hz., 10.2 Hz., 10.3 Hz., 10.5 Hz., 10.6 Hz., 10.7 Hz., 11.0 Hz., 12.0 Hz., 12.3 Hz., 13.0 Hz., 13.8 Hz., 14.0 Hz. , 14.1 Hz., 15 Hz. , 15.4 Hz., 16.0 Hz. , 16.4 Hz. , 18.0 Hz., 20.0 Hz., 20.3 Hz., 22.0 Hz., 22.027 Hz., 25.0 Hz., 26.0 Hz., 26.4 Hz., 30 Hz., 31.32 Hz., 32 Hz., 33 Hz., 35 Hz., 38 Hz., 39 Hz., 40 Hz., 45 Hz., 46.98 Hz., 50 Hz., 55 Hz., 60 Hz., 62.64 Hz., 63 Hz., 65.8 Hz., 70 Hz., 70.47 Hz., 72 Hz., 73.6 Hz., 80 Hz., 82.3 Hz., 83 Hz., 85.5 Hz., 90 Hz., 95 Hz., 98.4 Hz., 100 Hz. 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In fact, that’s how groups of neurons in your brain communicate with each other. When your brain produces these electrical pulses, that’s what’s known as brain wave activity. 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Full Body Healing 100_ Meditation Music Sweets Wed, 07 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Special sweets for someone you love.Special sweets to gift someone you love.No preservatives. Pure sweets.Details Mava Pedha Mava Barfi Kaju katli Mava Besan Barfi Mhaisur paak Motichoor Ladoo Khobra pak Khobra ladoo Gulab jamun Basic Brain Frequency Packs Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Details Brain Wave Frequency DELTA (0.1 to 4 Hz)Brain Wave Frequency THETA (4-8 Hz)Brain Wave Frequency ALPHA (8-12 Hz)Brain Wave Frequency BETA (12 - 30 Hz)Brain Wave Frequency GAMMA (above 30 Hz)Solfeggio Frequencies Brain Wave Frequency DELTA (0.1 to 4 Hz) DELTA Distribution: Generally broad or diffuse; may be bilateral, widespread. Subjective feeling states: Deep, dreamless sleep, Non‐REM sleep, Trance, Unconscious. Associated tasks & behaviors: Lethargic, Not moving, Not attentive. Physiological correlates: Not moving, Low‐level of arousal. Effects of training: Can induce Drowsiness, Trance, Deeply relaxed states, Deep dreamless sleep, Immunity, Regeneration and Healing, Anti‐ageing hormones, Cortisol reduction and Pituitary release of H.G.H., Extremely deep relaxation. DELTA step up pack: 0.1 to 4 Hz step up with slab of 0.5 Hz.DELTA step down pack: 4 to 0.1 Hz step down with slab of 0.5 Hz. Brain Wave Frequency THETA (4‐8 Hz) THETA Distribution: Usually regional, May involve many lobes, Can be lateralized or diffuse. Subjective feeling states: Intuitive, Creative, Recall, Fantasy, Imagery, Creative, Dreamlike, Switching thoughts, Drowsy, Oneness, Knowing. Associated tasks & behaviors: Creative, Intuitive; but may also be distracted, Unfocused. Physiological correlates: Healing, Untegration of mind/body. Effects of Training: If enhanced, can induce drifting, trance‐like state. If suppressed, can improve concentration, ability to focus attention, Memory consolidation, Creativity, Imagery and visualization, Freeflowing lucid thought, Spatial navigation tasks, Inspiration and intuition; REM, Processing of new (episodic) information, Emotional processing and Heightened suggestibility. THETA step up pack: 4‐8 Hz step up with slab of 0.5 Hz.THETA step down pack: 8‐4 Hz step down with slab of 0.5 Hz. Brain Wave Frequency ALPHA (8‐12 Hz) ALPHA Distribution: Regional, Usually involves entire lobe; Strong occipital w/eyes closed Subjective feeling states: Relaxed, Not agitated, but not drowsy; Tranquil, Conscious Associated tasks & behaviors: Meditation, No action Physiological correlates: Relaxed, Healing Sub band low alpha: 8Hz‐10Hz: inner‐awareness of self, mind/body integration, balance Sub band high alpha: 10Hz‐12Hz: centering, healing, mind/body connection Effects of Training: Can produce relaxation, Information processing; Relaxed, Tranquil consciousness and inward awareness, Creative flow states, The coalescence of different frequencies, Improved HRV, Serotonin production, Memory and dream recall, Reactivity to disturbing noises in sleep. ALPHA step up pack: 8‐12 Hz step up with slab of 0.5 Hz.ALPHA step down pack: 12‐8 Hz step down with slab of 0.5 Hz. Brain Wave Frequency BETA (12 ‐ 30 Hz) LOW Beta 1 (12 Hz ‐ 15 Hz): Slow or Low Beta wave activity. Distribution: localized by side and by lobe (frontal, occipital, etc) Subjective feeling states: Relaxed yet focused, integrated Associated tasks & behaviors: Low SMR can reflect ADD, lack of focused attention Physiological correlates: Is inhibited by motion; restraining body may increase SMR Effects of Training: Increasing SMR can produce relaxed focus, improved attentive abilities MID Beta 2 (15 Hz ‐ 18 Hz): This mid‐range beta is frequently used by clinicians. Some consider 18.5 Hz in particular to be an optimal frequency for focus and concentration. Distribution: localized, over various areas. May be focused on one electrode. Subjective feeling states: thinking, aware of self & surroundings Associated tasks & behaviors: mental activity Physiological correlates: alert, active, but not agitated Effects of Training: can increase mental ability, focus, alertness HIGH Beta 3 (18 Hz ‐ 30 Hz): This fast beta activity, especially in its higher range has been associated with hyper‐arousal/hyper‐vigilance, anxiety, stress, paranoia, excessive energy and burnout. Distribution: localized, may be very focused. Subjective feeling states: alertness, agitation Associated tasks & behaviors: mental activity, e.g. math, planning Physiological correlates: general activation of mind & body functions. Effects of Training: can induce alertness, but may also produce agitation Overall effects of Training of Beta: Focused, Analytical, Rational, Wide awake, Alert awareness, Concentrated, Focused mind, Heightened sensory perception, Emotional stability, Visual acuity, Cognitive control of motor activity. In clinical applications, Beta 1 and 2 brainwave stimulation has been used to promote Wakefulness and Alertness, Focus, Mood elevation, General cognitive performance and for assistance with Depression and ADHD. BETA step up pack: 12 ‐ 30 Hz step up with slab of 0.5 Hz.BETA step down pack: 30 ‐ 12 Hz step down with slab of 0.5 Hz. Brain Wave Frequency GAMMA (above 30 Hz) Distribution: very localized. Subjective feeling states: Thinking integrated thoughts. Associated tasks & behaviors: High‐level information processing, Binding. Physiological correlates: associated with information‐rich task processing. Effects of Training: Integration/synchronization of brain centers involved in learning, memory, thought generation, task processing, motor function and sensory binding; heightened creativity, comprehension, concentration and impulse control. GAMMA step up pack: 30 ‐ 45 Hz step up with slab of 0.5 Hz.GAMMA step down pack: 45 ‐ 30 Hz step down with slab of 0.5 Hz. Solfeggio Frequencies Solfeggio step up pack: 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, 963 Hz. Solfeggio step down pack: 963 Hz, 852 Hz, 741 Hz, 639 Hz, 528 Hz, 417 Hz, 396 Hz, 285 Hz, 174 Hz Customised Brain Frequency Packs Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Global brain activity is conventionally measured in the electroencephalogram, which is comprised of oscillations in several functionally-relevant frequency bands. Historically, the bands were identified as δ (1–4 Hz), θ (4–7 Hz), α/μ (8–13 Hz), β (beta, 15–30 Hz), γ (gamma, 30–80 Hz) and high γ (80–150 Hz) waves1,2.