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Plain Affirmations with Background Tune-music

Plain Affirmations with Background Tune-music

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Affirmations for addictions like conquer ocd, deal with drug addiction, overcome alcohol addiction, overcome coffee addiction, overcome porn addiction, overcome sex addiction, quit using marijuana, stop chocolate addiction, stop internet addiction, stop obsessive behavior, stop shopping addiction, stop smoking, stop substance abuse, switch off tv addiction etc.Affirmations for bad habits like stop chewing gum, stop fidgeting, stop hair pulling, stop lip biting, stop nail biting, stop nose picking, stop scratching, stop self harm, stop skin picking, stop stuttering, stop thumb sucking etc.

Affirmations for business success like achieve financial freedom, be a better negotiator, be a brilliant salesperson, be a business success, be a natural leader, be a successful entrepreneur, become debt free, get super organized, get the multi millionaire mindset, manage your money, master time management, succeed in any job interview etc.

Affirmations for emotions like be more self reliant, control your emotions, forgive and find peace, let go of anger, let go of regrets, let go of the past, overcome depression, overcome grief, overcome loneliness, overcome shyness, quiet your inner critic, release limiting thoughts, stop arguing, stop being so sensitive, stop blushing, stop feeling embarrassed, stop feeling guilty, stop feeling inferior, stop feeling insecure, stop feeling jealous, stop feeling nervous, stop feeling self conscious, stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop overthinking, stop procrastinating, stop self sabotage, stop worrying, stop worrying what people think etc.

Affirmations for enrich your life like attitude of gratitude, attract an abundant lifestyle, attract happiness, attract more money, attract opportunities, attract success, attract your dream car, attract your dream holiday, attract your dream home, be a positive thinker, increase your good luck, master the law of attraction, say yes more, think yourself rich etc.

Affirmations for health and fitness like beat the aging process, boost your immune system, burst with energy, conquer food cravings, drink more water, eat healthy foods, enjoy optimum health, feel motivated to exercise, get fit fast, live longer, manage ibs, overcome binge eating, stick to your diet, stop comfort eating, stop overeating etc.

Affirmations for illness like manage your menopause, overcome back pain, overcome body dysmorphic disorder, stop feeling tired, stop tinnitus etc.

Affirmations for improve your body like drop a dress size, enjoy a natural face lift, enjoy clear skin, get a flat stomach, get bigger muscles, get rock hard abs, get that beach body, improve your posture, look younger, lose weight fast, stop sweating, think yourself thin etc.

Affirmations for mental skills like be super creative, boost your brain power, boost your iq, enjoy total focus, get a photographic memory, get a razor sharp intellect, learn anything quickly and easily, master whole brain thinking, sharpen your visualization skills, sizzle with great ideas, solve problems fast, think big, think like a genius, think outside the box, think yourself successful etc.

Affirmations for personal power like access your inner strength, be a better communicator, be a better friend, be a good listener, be happier, be more assertive, be more compassionate, be more courageous, be more decisive, be more empowered, be more grateful, be more motivated, be more organized, be more outgoing, be more patient, be more productive, be more sociable, be more spontaneous, boost your charisma, boost your self esteem, embrace change, enjoy a positive attitude, feel sexy and alluring, find your life purpose, improve your wit and humor, increase self discipline, learn to accept yourself, live passionately, love your body, reach all your goals, reinvent yourself, rocket your self confidence etc.

Affirmations for phobias like overcome anxiety, overcome fear of a heart attack, overcome fear of anesthesia, overcome fear of blood, overcome fear of heights, overcome fear of needles, overcome fear of success, overcome fear of water etc.

Affirmations for sexuality like dating confidence, master tantric sex etc.

Affirmations for skills like drive with confidence, improve your spelling, improve your yoga, learn italian, learn swedish etc.

Affirmations for sleep and relaxation like cope with jetlag, deeper meditation, deep relaxation, dissolve worry and stress, enjoy inner peace, get a great nights sleep, go to bed earlier, ignore snoring, improve your breathing, master lucid dreaming, overcome insomnia, remember your dreams, stay calm and collected, stop nightmares, stop sleep talking, stop sleep walking, stop snoring, stop teeth grinding, take a power nap, wake up early, wake up with energy etc.

Affirmations for sports like improve at football, improve at soccer, master your sport etc.

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